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A 90 minutes baby portrait session for babies between 14 days old and 12 months old.  Parents may come along and be included in the photography.  Also includes a 10×8″ framed print of your choice from your baby portrait session.

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Baby photography session with a framed 10 x 8 ” print of your choice – book yours with us today

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About your baby photography session

  • Book your baby photography session, up to 90 mins
  • In studio or at home if within 25 miles of the centre of York
  • Includes a framed 10″ Desk Portrait worth £125
  • Photography of babies between 14 days and 12 months old

Your baby photography sessions will capture the tiny changes which take place in the first months of their lives. They will grow and change so quickly.  Book a professional baby portrait photography session for your baby with Steve Ramsden Photography.  Capture the memory of how your baby is now, forever.

What happens at the baby portrait session?

Each baby photography session lasts up to an hour. This gives you plenty of time to change your baby’s outfits and have different backgrounds and looks to your photographs. We will show you lots of images to choose from when you return to view your photographs. Your viewing appointment will be approximately one week after your photography session, often much sooner if preferred.

We advise that you allow up to 90 minutes for your session overall. You will then have time for settling in at the studio, nappy changes, baby’s feeds, and wrapping up at the end. This way you will receive the full value from your booked session.

Our sessions are midweek – Tuesday to Friday, 10 am to 11.30 am and 11.30 am to 1.00 pm. Occasionally we can arrange afternoon photo sessions, and experience tells us that mornings are better for photographing the very young.  We do photograph at weekends, and this is subject to the terms and conditions listed below.

Questions and Answers about your baby portrait

When can we visit?

We are open by appointment 10 am through to 5.30 pm Tuesday – Saturday, the final session time is 4.00 pm.  From our experience of photographing hundreds of babies, we find that we tend to get much better results in the mornings baby portrait sessions.  I can offer afternoon sessions upon request, however, I strongly recommend that you book a morning session if at all possible.  Saturday sessions are subject to a booking deposit of £25.00.  Whilst this is fully refundable, or usable against any of our products after the session, in the event of a no-show on the day of your photography or viewing session we will retain your booking fee to cover our studio time.

How long is the session for?

We will book you in for a 90 minute session, during which we will be photographing for around 30 – 60 mins.  This includes photography time, plus baby changing and baby feeding time.  We will sometimes photograph your baby very quickly, with very little time needed for changing and feeding.  Other babies take longer to settle.  We are used to this, it’s all part of the fun!

Can we be included in the photography?

Yes, that’s not a problem, we often include mums and dads in the baby portrait sessions.  For a range of photographs including brothers and sisters, however, we advise you to select a 2 hour Family Portrait Session. We can then dedicate more time to capturing your wider family together with your baby.

What is the best age for baby photography?

Any age really, but these are the key stages which relate to having your baby photographed:-

Up to 14 days old – baby is still ‘curled’ into a foetal position, therefore this allows for gorgeous ‘newborn’ baby shots. We can’t repeat these once they grow beyond 14 days old.  The sessions themselves take much longer (3 or 4 hours is not unusual), but produce stunning results.  Furthermore, consider booking a Newborn Baby Portrait Session for babies of this age.

What can we expect from our baby in a typical baby portrait session?

Up to approx 14 weeks old – your baby will lay on their back, and the nearer they get to 14 weeks old, the more responsive and more smiley they will become.

14 weeks to 7 mths old – baby is much more responsive, usually very smiley, and will be able to roll over and lift their head.

7 mths old – your baby will be able to sit up and support themselves, sit against props, and interact with props (toys, hoops, building blocks, etc).  We have a range of props and toys.  You are encouraged to bring along your own props to personalize your baby portrait session.

12 mths old – we can now take standing or attempting to stand shots. Also crawling shots, and your baby is able to sit in a chair unsupported, etc.

Where is your studio?

The studio is located exactly 5 miles north of York ring road. Also, I have listed full directions here – Directions to Steve Ramsden Photography

Finally, please take care to read these directions carefully if you intend to travel by satnav.

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