Newborn Baby Portraits – York’s cutest newborns

Newborn baby portraits – York’s cutest babies

Newborn Baby portraits – all you need to know about baby photography as new parents.

Steve Ramsden talks about newborn baby photography and the Emma’s Diary baby photography scheme in York.

Congratulations mum and dad on the birth (or pending birth) of your newborn baby!  No doubt things are a little hectic right now?  You’ll be shattered, more than likely.  You’ll be struggling to establish a new routine involving your little one.

Organising a photo session for your newborn baby may be the last thing on your min.

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You have limited time before your tiny son/daughter will have grown beyond all recognition.  It will very quickly be too late to photograph them just as they are now.  Tiny, cute, precious, delicate, adorable, miraculous, sweet, and about to change and grow very quickly over the next few months.

So time is of the essence.  We can help you to plan for your baby portrait photos, even before your baby is born.  Or if we don’t chat before baby is born, we can be in touch with you soon after.

What are the stages of newborn baby photography?

As your baby grows, they will pass through a number of recognisable development phases.  These growth stages are pretty well defined. They correlate closely to how and what we can photograph at any particular point in your baby’s development.

Of course all babies are different.  They all develop at different rates.  There is also a period of adjustment in babies during the fourth trimester.  Some allowance needs to be built in for babies born much earlier or later than their due date.  Generally speaking, given your baby’s age, I will have a very good idea of what I can achieve in the studio, photographically, at any given time.

In fact, we can use this knowledge to predict the best way to photograph your baby at any stage in their development. Let me explain a bit more clearly.

Baby development stages explained in more detail

The following links help to explain this in much more detail than I possibly can:-

First of all, the NCT  – Your baby’s development: physical stages

Next, this excellent set of articles from the Baby Centre, UK  

How does this affect our baby portrait photography?

By understanding the various stages of your baby’s growth, combined with ample experience of photographing babies over the years, I can anticipate what to expect when you come to see us.  That means that I can maximise every photo opportunity in the studio for you, and make the best of each and every session.

What can I expect at my baby’s portrait photography booking?

So, following on from the above, this will much depend on how old your youngster is when you come to see us.

Photography of newborn babies up to 12 days old.

This is the true ‘newborn baby’ stage.  Your baby will sleep for much of the photo shoot.  She will still be naturally curled up, ie in a fetal sleeping position.  This allows us to photograph a range of exquisite ‘newborn baby’ type pictures.

This phase will last for a maximum of two weeks.  For planning purposes, we aim to photograph your baby between 5 and 12 days old.  Older than this, and she will ‘uncurl’. After that it is too late to catch the cute fetal position shots that you will love so much.  This is the ideal time for the delightful ‘tiny hands’ and ‘tiny feet’ images we can get with mums’ and dads’ hands included for scale.  Or why not a piccy of mum and/or dad holding your tiny little one?

Be sure to bring along anything that grandparents, aunties and friends have bought for your baby, and especially anything that has been hand made or knitted.  You can really take the chance to demonstrate how much you appreciate their generosity, by including a few of the items in your pictures.

How to plan for your newborn baby photography booking.

Statistically, only around 4% of all babies in the UK are born on their due date.  So we need to work closely with you to help ensure that we are around when you need us to be.

You can book your studio date in provisionally as soon as you know your baby’s due date.  Flexibility is key, so that we can work around the actual delivery date for you.  Finally, we need to be certain that you and your baby are fit and well enough to go ahead.  If you aren’t feeling so well, or ready to go ahead, we can simply rebook a later date for you.  It’s no trouble, we often need to do this and we’re very much used to it.

What happens at the photo session itself?

Well, essentially, lots of what babies do best – sleeping, filling nappies, crying, and so on.  Please don’t worry, we’re used to it. We allow loads of time for nappy changes, feeding baby, and doing what needs to be done, as well as time in between to take some gorgeous images.

A newborn baby session could take three to four hours, it’s not a problem with us, it’s what we do.

Will you photograph newborns at home?

Yes, I’m more than happy to photograph you at home by prior arrangement, please contact me to discuss further.

Photography of babies 12 days old to 4 months old.

During this stage of development, your baby will mainly be laid on their back during their time with us.  The older your baby is, the more likely it is that they will interact with me and the camera.

I will take lots of different expressions, from a variety of angles.  We often get the funniest photos, your little one will pull the funniest faces and do the cutest things.

We can include baby props too.  These may be favourite toys, blankets, or whatever you might like to bring along with you.

Your portrait session will be much quicker during this phase than during the initial ‘newborn’ phase.  I will arrange for you to come to the studio for a 90 minutes appointment, during which time approx 30-60 mins will be for photography.

There is still plenty of time for feeding, changing and winding your little child.

Occasionally babies of this age just don’t settle.  This isn’t a problem.  We will always offer to rebook for a different day, without charge.

What is your policy on mums who feed naturally?

Mums can feed anywhere in the studio, however they like.  We also have a private room where mums can feed with complete discretion if they prefer.  We can warm or cool bottles on request, and we completely support natural feeding.

Can we include family members with our baby’s photographs?

Yes, not a problem.  In fact, I positively encourage it.  Mums, dads, brothers and sisters may all come along and be included.  We’ve even had aunties, uncles and grandparents join in.

Photography of babies 5 months old to 8 months old – the ‘sitty up’ stage

During this stage your baby will learn to lift his head briefly, whilst lying on his tummy.  This makes for fabulous ‘pushy up’ shots.

He will also begin to sit up – at first supported, and then without support.

Once your baby is sitting up, we can include more of our studio props and toys, and interact much more with your bambino.

During this phase, babies generally become much more smiley.  They are highly responsive to mums and dads playing and being interactive with them.

They will play with hoops, balls, books, cuddly toys, blankets, building blocks, etc.  When they are strong enough, they can also sit in tiny kiddie chairs (no worries, we have them in the studio).

Again, we allow 90 minutes for your visit to us, which includes around 30-60 minutes of actual photography.

Photography of babies 9 months old to 12 months old – the ‘learning to get about’ stage

During this stage your baby will be learning to crawl, then moving on to learning to walk.

They are much less likely to stay still during your time at the studio, but you have the opportunity to encapsulate a more imaginative variation of photos.

Sessions become very lively.  We will begin to include more ‘action shots’ in your little one’s portfolio.

Photography of your baby at 12 months old – the cake smash!

There is a range of photos that we can take to celebrate your baby’s first birthday, including the classic ‘cake smash’ session.

We have a variety of props supporting the ‘first birthday’ theme.  This will include a diverse selection to keep your photos mixed and interesting.

Ten top tips for your newborn baby portraits photography in York

  1. Plan ahead.  Book your session with us once your due date has been confirmed.  We are completely flexible and will work around your delivery date in due course.
  2. Include gifts from your parents, grandparents, friends and family in your photos. This will be highly appreciated.
  3. Bring along a few changes of clothing for your baby for the session.  This allows for changes if clothes are soiled, and also variety in your photographs.
  4. Include mum and dad in some photos.  Other family members are welcome to come along.
  5. Don’t leave it too late to bring your baby along for some professional images.  They grow very quickly, they will change in no time.
  6. Take full advantage of the Emma’s Diary Scheme – up to three complimentary photo sessions in your baby’s first year.  See below for further details.
  7. Use a photographer who is 100% familiar with baby photography and who understands the different growth stages during your baby’s development.
  8. Be very patient – if it’s not working, simply rebook.  Your photographer should be prepared to rebook you free of charge for another day, and not try to ‘force the session’.
  9. Join in!  Have fun with your baby whilst in the studio.  The more you interact with him/her, the more expressions you will have in your printed photos.
  10. Quality in, quality out.  Have your photos properly printed and framed by your professional photographer for best results.

The Emma’s Diary Scheme in York

We are the only authorised photographers for the York area for Emma’s Diary photography sessions.

Under the Emma’s Diary scheme you can register with us and have up to three complimentary baby photography sessions in your baby’s first year.

This allows us to take a wide range of images over your baby’s first year, and take full advantage of all the development stages described above.

See here for more details about Emma’s Diary in York. 

See here for more details about Emma’s Diary in general

Where is your studio?

The studio is exactly 5 miles north of York ring road.  See here for full directions – Directions to Steve Ramsden Photography

newborn baby photograph
Newborn babies in the first 2 weeks tend to sleep through their sessions. Head bands are very popular. Come along with your own selection of gifts, blankets and toys etc, and we will include them in your photo session.
newborn baby photography in York
Around 5 months old, your baby will be able to hold up his/her head for an adorable, smiley ‘pushy up’ photo.
newborn baby photography
At around seven months your baby will be able to sit unsupported. We can then use studio toys and props to add interest to your photos. Here we added to the ‘Yorkshire Tyke’ theme with a variation of our usual ‘baby build own name with lettered blocks’ photo set.
Family portrait photography
We encourage mums, dads and siblings to take part in the sessions. It’s not essential, but how lovely will this be for your children to see in years to come? And you’ll look back with loads of fond memories.


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