Leila’s baby portraits

The Emma’s Diary scheme is a fantastic opportunity for mums to have a free photo session with their babies, and includes a free photo gift courtesy of Steve Ramsden Photography.   There is no obligation for mums to buy extra photos, but many do once they have seen the quality of our work and what we produce.  Also, each month, we offer the mums the opportunity to include a photo of their choice in the Baby of the Month competition, with five monthly prizes of £100 and a prize of £5000 for the overall winner of Baby of the Year.

We recently photographed Leila at the studio, and mum Bethany has purchased one of our 30″ framed composite images, with a selection of images from Leila’s photo session.  I can’t tell you how fabulous this looks, you really need to see it in the flesh, but here’s a shot from my iphone when mum Beth called to collect it.

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