Firenza florists in the Design Quarter, The Wedding Affair at Newburgh Priory

Firenza at The Wedding Affair, Newburgh Priory

Well it really was springtime in springtime at Newburgh Priory at the weekend, especially in the Design Quarter – an area set aside under the old priory itself for an amazing range of floral displays to take brides through the four seasons in flowers and all that can be done with them.

Fiona from Firenza Floral Design in Halifax was assigned ‘Springtime’, and had a wonderfully delicate display of spring flowers and props.

Springtime was created using scented flowers and herbs in a natural style. Fiona likes to use scent whenever possible as this creates a different dimension to the day and really adds to the ambience.

Flowers used include hellebore, tulip, hyacinth, ranunculus, various roses including scented garden roses, white broom, wax flower and rosemary. The outside area featured a wrought iron bench with a delicate twiggy arch with hanging tea lights and birdcages, surrounded by masses of snakes head fritillary with blossom trees throughout. Lanterns and tea lights are used wherever possible.

The area included a top table with the following:-

Hyacinth filled troughs
Glass vases with masses of white broom
An escort table with a large urn display and masses of tea lights with flower filled votives with a name tag attached, designed to be taken to the table to add to the table display.
A wish tree of blossom and moss as well as an elaborately decorated ivory candelabra.

Stationery is designed in complimentary colours and style to complete the look by Natalie Ramsell from I am Nat, chair covers were provided by Clqire Mischevani and table settings by

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Flower filled bird cage by Firenza

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Flower troughs by Firenza

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Snakes Head Fritillary – gorgeous

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Firenza in the Design Quarter, The Wedding Affair at Newburgh Priory

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Flower filled votives on the escort table

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Flower filled votives with name tags

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Wrought iron bench beautifully decorated

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Twiggy arch with hanging bird cage and tea lights

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White broom in vases at the head table

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Masses of hyacinth in troughs at the head table

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Snakes head fritillary

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Hyacinth in troughs at the head table

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Springtime outside – Firenza at The Wedding Affair – Newburgh Priory

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Firenza – Springtime at Newburgh Priory

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