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Family Portrait Photography Experiences in York

Your family portrait session in an nutshell:-

  • 90 minutes family portrait session
  • Up to 14 family members
  • May include your family pet
  • In studio, outdoors, at home, or at a nominated location (within 25 miles of the centre of York)

10 great reasons to have your professional family portrait done

  1. They are loads of fun!
  2. Celebrate life’s milestones – especially key birthdays and anniversaries
  3. Record important keystone family gatherings
  4. Someone is moving away – last chance saloon to get them before they go!
  5. Record the addition of a family member
  6. Update previous family portraits
  7. Create a quality, lasting memory of your family unit
  8. Have everyone in the picture together!
  9. Create fabulous, high quality wall art for your home
  10. Because one day it will be too late!

Family portrait photography – why is it so important?

Family portraits are an important part of your family history.  They offer the opportunity for you to capture multiple generations of families together in one sitting.  Historically that might have meant up to three generations of one family being photographed together.  These days we are amazingly lucky to be able to include up to four generations in one photography group.  This wouldn’t have even been possible just a few years ago.

Family photographs are arguably by far the best way to document your clan’s gathering for posterity.  They help to document the development of your relatives’ lives.  They encapsulate your emotions and memories for the longer term.  In years to come, you will look back on long forgotten moments, brought back to you by the medium of quality, professional family photography.

When properly presented in quality products, today’s family portraits will be tomorrow’s family heirloom.  No kidding, it’s that important.

Not all portrait photography sessions include multi generational images.  Quite often we are photographing just two generations – mum, dad and their children.  However the same things apply. The photos we shoot will last a long time.  A lifetime in fact. They will become your heritage.

Family portraits boost your child’s self esteem

Don’t take my word for it, have a look at these links for further information:-

How family portraits boost your child’s self esteem

Family portraits: How it can boost your child’s self esteem 

How does a family portrait session work?

First of all, simply contact us to book a suitable appointment date and time.

You will receive a letter and email of confirmation.  We will also give you a call and chat you through the process.

We include details on what to wear. I work to your own preferences regarding the style of photographs that you like.

Each photography session lasts between 90 mins and two hours.  During this time we anticipate photographing for around 60 mins.   This allows you plenty of time for settling in, discussing your own particular preferred style, clothes changes etc.

After your exclusive family portrait session, we will arrange a time for you to come back to the studio to view and select out your favourites.  This is usually around a week later, but can be sooner if you like.

Portrait and viewing sessions are held by appointment Tuesday to Saturday, 10 am to 5.30 pm. The latest appointment time is 3.30 pm.

Your family portrait session may include school age children, therefore we will book a morning appointment with you to catch them at their best and least tired.

Where will the photography session take place?

We have a studio on the edge of a farm.  Therefore you have the option to work indoors or outdoors. This is entirely your choice (although the outdoors photography is of course weather dependent).

We have a fully equiped photography studio for indoor work.  This will accommodate up to 14 of your nearest and dearest in one sitting.  So we can guarantee that your session can go ahead.  Even when the weather outside is poor.

You may also take a walk in the surrounding countryside, where we may capture some outdoors environmental photography.  If your family loves the great outdoors, this may be a great choice for you.

Alternatively I am happy to photograph your family at home, by arrangement. Or you may prefer to be ‘on location’ at a favourite venue?  For example, you may be having a family anniversary gathering at a local hotel – I’d be delighted to attend.

What should we wear for our family photography portrait session?

You can wear anything you like. However, some things inevitably work much better than others.  Please remember that our mission is to achieve a photograph which shows all your family members looking great together.

I have created a detailed and informative Pinterest page here with tons more info and sample ideas for you to take a look at.

You may like to try this link as well.

Top 10 tips for when you are having a family portraits photography session

  1. Have fun!
  2. Have a good think about whether you prefer to be indoors, outdoors at the studio, or ‘on location’.
  3. Consider what you would like to wear collectively as a family.
  4. Bring along your pets.  They are part of your family.
  5. Bring along any special props or outfits. We can often tell the story of your character by the props that you bring along.
  6. Share your ideas with your photographer.  They want you to look fantastic. They love to build your ideas into their work.
  7. Feel your best in your photos! Consider having your hair and make up done before your session.
  8. Bring along a few changes of clothing. This will add variety to your photo selection.
  9. ‘Quality in, quality out’ – consider where you would like your favourite images to be displayed at home afterwards.
  10. Give your photos pride of place at home.  The larger your photos are displayed afterwards, the better they will look. (The inescapable truth about portrait photography).

Where is your studio?

The studio is exactly 5 miles north of York ring road. Full directions can be found here – Directions to Steve Ramsden Photography

Pet portrait with family, in studio
We understand that your pets are your family. Therefore we will always include your pets in your family portraits if asked.
Large Family portrait
This wonderful family image has all the elements of a classic family portrait. A gathering of relatives from afar. Four generations have been included. The family have included their pet pooch. A newborn baby is included. The whole family is matched tonally in their outfit choice – they’ve really given this some serious thought. The overall result – they look great together! One of my favourites.
family portrait
A gorgeous ‘4 generation’ family portrait. All three mums are looking fabulous, and their clothing selection really works well.
family portrait photography outdoors
A scenic family portrait photography session at Swinton Park in North Yorkshire. This was taken whilst the family was visiting from the States. The location was requested by the customers – you can see why!


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