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Dog portrait photography – book your session with us today

Dog photography portraits and other pet photo portrait appointments – top ten tips from Steve Ramsden
  • One hour dog portrait session
  • May include more than one pet dog, and up to 4 people.
  • In studio or outdoors

Dog portrait photography and photographing your family pet portraits is as special and important to me as capturing your regular family portraits.  Your pet dogs are your family just as much as your children, your parents or your spouse.  Your doggies are your children, and your grandchildren.  If you relate to this as a pet canine ‘owner’, you’ll also ‘get’ that we understand how important your little ones are to you.

They will grow up so quickly, just like children. Why not take this opportunity to book a pet dog portrait session with Steve Ramsden Photography today?

Each photography session lasts approx 60 mins, depending on the ‘obedience level’ of your dog.  Your appointment time is for 90 minutes, which includes your photography session time. This allows you plenty of time for settling in.

We will discuss your preferred style and clothing options before your photography experience. Then there is time allowed for wrapping up afterwards.

When can we have our dog portrait session?

Doggy portrait and viewing sessions are held by appointment Tuesday to Saturday, 10 am to 5.30 pm. The latest appointment time is 4.00 pm.  We tend to shoot our pet dog portraits in the 4.00 pm session.

What happens after our pet doggy photography shoot?

After your exclusive session we will arrange a time for you to return to view and select out your favourite photographs.  This is usually around a week later but can be sooner if you like.

During your viewing session we will show you a gorgeous collection of images taken during your first appointment with us.

We will also demonstrate our wide selection of quality products, including wall art pieces (framed portraiture) and portrait album options.  You will choose your favourite pictures and favourite products.

I will help you to match your choice of artwork and wall art products using our latest software, helping to make your decisions with ease and confidence.  You won’t leave us until you are certain that you have the perfect new gift for your home.

What is the expected turn around time for our photographic product orders?

Our wall art collections are all high quality products created and supplied by third party suppliers who are experts in their field.

I say with great pride that the photo print quality and build quality of our suppliers is exceptional.  We have plenty of example product samples in the studio, together with the latest catalogues from our suppliers to help you to choose the best display options for your own home.

Your individually designed framed collections are bespoke and will be created exclusively for you.

We allow six weeks for the build and delivery of your products. This ensures the highest level of quality control throughout the process.

How can we get the best results from our dog portraiture sitting?

Ten top tips for your dog portrait photography experience:-

  1. Think and plan ahead – download our online pet dog photo guide (full of useful information) to help plan your visit.

  2. Schedule your pooch’s portrait sitting for a week or so after his/her regular grooming session, so that they look ‘top notch’ when they come to see us.

  3. Come along with a change of clothing for yourself if you would like to be included in your pet’s photography with us.

  4. Have an idea whether you would prefer to work indoors or outdoors (weather dependent).

  5. Come along suitably dressed for working outdoors if that is your preferred option.

  6. Bring along a nice clean lead if you have one.  This is all about capturing your little ones whilst they are looking their best – give them a good chance to shine!

  7. You may include favourite toys, blankets, etc in the session. It all helps to bring out the true nature and character of your pet.

  8. Don’t worry too much about having loads of treats, they can sometimes be a distraction.  Once your pets sniff their treats, that may be all they become interested in.  Please do bring along a few treats, but initially we will work without them, then introduce them as we go along.

  9. Please be patient, some shots can take a while to get.

  10. Our outdoors work with your dog will involve a good 30/60 mins walk, but we get some of best shots in the great outdoors. More importantly, they will absolutely love it!

We would like our photographs to be taken outdoors – what would happen in poor weather?

In the event of bad weather you have the option of working indoors within the studio or rebooking for another day.  If we are expecting poor weather in advance, we may be able to anticipate this being an issue and resolve it in advance with a quick phone call.

What should we wear?

Much depends on whether you would like to work indoors or outdoors.  Indoors is fairly easy, and we suggest that you bring along a couple of changes of clothes for each human taking part.

For outdoors work you should come suitably dressed for the weather.  It’s OK to wear coats and warmer clothing in colder conditions.  We recommend strong shoes or boots when the underlying forecast is wet.  Some of the surrounding places we go can be a bit muddy.

See my Pinterest site here for examples of colour schemes which work well.  Customers often find this very useful additional information prior to coming to see us.

Also, I often think that ‘quirky’ works well for owners with their doggies, so if you fancy being a little quirky, don’t be shy.

Can we dress our dogs up?

Of course!  Pet dog mums and dads will often bring along items for dressing their pooches, again it’s all about being quirky.  For many pet doggies in particular, dressing up is part of their character.  I’m all for big characters in our photographs, and we encourage you to express your imagination.  (It’s not for everyone, please don’t feel obliged!).

What about lavatory arrangements for our little ones?

For doggy owners, we respectfully ask that you take your little ones for a tiny walk upon arrival at the studio and ‘poop scoop’ with all your heart.  We are situated on the edge of a working farm and opposite a restaurant.  It is essential that we maintain a clean environment and are sensitive to our neighbours.  Thank you for your consideration.

We will supply cat litter facilities in the studio for pussy cats. They wouldn’t expect anything less if they’re anything like ours 🙂

Where can I find Steve Ramsden Photography Studio?

The studio is exactly 5 miles north of York ring road.  Please see the following link for details – Directions to Steve Ramsden Photography

Further reading for dog (and cat) lovers

Here are a few great websites for further reading about your pets:-

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There is tons more information here about the art and skill of pet photography

Slate Merl Border Collie, dog portrait in studio
Such attractive colours, this young lady was a real pleasure to photograph.
Hungarian Vizsla outdoors
A strong image of a very handsome young man, taken close to the studio.
Family photo with pet labrador
Pets are family, simple as.
Boxer and Jack Russell portraits
Brother and sister. A Boxer and a Jack Russell posing together in an in-studio photo session.


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