Yorkshire wedding photo of the week – week 4

Yorkshire wedding photo of the week – week 4

Grace at Allerton Castle, Knaresborough, North Yorkshire – wet wedding photograph

It’s time again for another of our favourite Yorkshire wedding photographs, selected from literally thousands and thousands in our portfolios.

In truth, each wedding in itself usually has dozens of favourites. If I were to work through each wedding’s favourites week on week, I could only cover two or three weddings over the course of the year. Also, if I always use recent wedding photographs, or only use photographs from years gone by, it might get a bit ‘samey’. So I feel I have to mix it up bit, where I can.

Having said that, last week I showed a photo of Tosh at Yorkshire wedding venue Allerton Castle here is the post in case you missed it.

I mentioned that this week I would show the photograph I took of Grace, the bride, whilst Karen was photographing the groom Tosh with the girls. So here it is, below.

Grace and Tosh were married at St Marys, Myton On Swale, in North Yorkshire. Afterwards, they went on to North Yorkshire wedding venue Allerton Castle for their afternoon wedding reception and wedding breakfast. As it happens, after we all arrived at Allerton Castle, it soon began to rain. We had just a few minutes to take a few large groups outside on the lawn. We then had to dash inside to photograph the rest of the groups around the large staircase.

That’s not a problem in itself, we can handle the dark conditions. All went really well and everyone sat down in good time for dinner.

Except that Grace really wanted the chance of some outdoor shots with Tosh, which we didn’t get chance to do whilst it poured with rain.

So after dinner, we grabbed 20 minutes of what would otherwise have been ‘downtime’, and nipped outside into what was now glorious sunshine and clear blue skies. Staying until 9pm or first dance always gives brides a second bite at the cherry, should bad weather ensue on the day.

We took a number of photos of Tosh and Grace together. We then did some individual photos of each of them. Hey presto, I took this particularly gorgeous photograph whilst Tosh was looking on with the girls.

bride, Allerton Castle, wedding venue, North Yorkshire

Grace outside Yorkshire wedding venue Allerton Castle, North Yorkshire



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