Yorkshire wedding photo of the week

Yorkshire wedding photo of the week

Week 1 – Summer wedding photograph at St Martin’s Church, Fangfoss

Angela and Bruno – Angela walking down the aisle at St Martin’s Church, Fangfoss, East Yorkshire.

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Groom Bruno looks on as bride Angela walks down the aisle at Fangfoss Church

An amazing wedding photograph for so many reasons. If ever there were a whole wedding in one wedding photograph, this is it. That’s why it’s one of my all time favourites and the choice for my very first ‘wedding photograph of the week’.

From a photographic point of view, I love the way that the groom, Bruno, has turned full round to watch Angela coming down the aisle. The light has caught his face, and his expression says it all. I don’t need to see Angela’s face, I know she’s smiling back. Mum Sue is also looking on from the left, and again the light falls on her beautifully. As the guests look on, one of Angela’s best friends leans over and takes a photograph, her hat is quintessentially ‘English summer wedding’, and she adds excitement to the whole scene.

As often happens in a wedding photograph, this picture represents the bringing together of families who are far apart. Bruno is from Italy and lives in Canada with Angela. Angela’s sister and her family live in America. The young bridesmaid Taylor on the left here is Angela’s niece from America. There is also the UK side of the family with bridesmaid Isabelle, and Angela’s parents. The lady with the camera? She’s one of a group of very special friends dear to Angela and known as ‘the tarts’. The photograph wouldn’t be the same without the ‘tarts’ being represented.

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In the photo I can see the sunshine and feel the emotion. It’s not always just about clicking the shutter, it’s about understanding what is really happening in front of you at a wedding. If I can capture that, I’m a happy chappy.

There are some fabulous photographs from this wedding, it might not be the last you see of Angela and Bruno!!

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