Wedding photography of Meena and Ak at Harewood House, Leeds, West Yorkshire

Wedding photography at Harewood House, Leeds, West Yorkshire

Meena and Ak at Harewood House, Leeds, West Yorkshire

We’ve been really excited about photographing Meena and Ak at Harewood House, Leeds, for some time.  This was our first Indian wedding, it was truly gorgeous.  We had been hoping for good weather, and we got glorious sunshine. So a massive bonus for everyone. The colours in the photographs are just amazingly beautiful and vivid. Meena got ready in the new wing at Rudding Park, Harrogate. She then travelled over to The Pavillion at Harewood House, Leeds, ready for the main wedding ceremony.

Ak’s family and friends meet in front of Harewood House for the baraat

Ak and his family and friends gathered in front of the main house at Harewood.  Once everyone had arrived the Master of Ceremonies Tony Mandez signalled the start of the baraat. The procession moved from in front of the house and across the grass to The Pavilion.  A band led the baraat from the front, with the baraatis dancing as they accompanied the groom.  I have to say, the whole parade was fabulous, set against the backdrop of Harewood House, the grounds, and a strong clear blue sky – it was a perfect start to the wedding day.

The swagatam

Ak and the groom’s party were met at the entrance to The Pavilion by Meena’s sister Angela and ladies from Meena’s family for the Swagatam.  Ak was then escorted to the wedding mandap.

The wedding ceremony

Prayers were said at the start of the ceremony before the arrival of Meena, supported by her brother Sanjiv.  She wore a heavily embroidered red saree, and was beeming from cheek to cheek. Meena and Ak were joined on the mandap by Meena’s sister Angela, Meena’s brother Sanjiv, and his wife Judy for the full wedding ceremony. 250 guests looked on and enjoyed the different symbolic rituals performed during the ceremony. These included:-

The Jai Mala (exchange of garlands).

Kanyadaan (giving away of the bride).

Mangalsuthra Dharanam (Meena receives a sacred necklace from the groom).

Agni Puja (evocation of the holy fire).

Mangal Phera – circling around the holy fire, pledging to uphold the four principles of Hindu life – Dharma (spirituality), Artha (prosperity), Karma (unconditional love) and Moksha (salvation).

Sapta Padi (the seven steps, each symbolising a vow to each other, and sealing the marriage).

Sindoor Daan (Ak ornates Meena’s hair with sindoor powder).

Aashirwaad (symbolic blessings).

Once the ceremony was concluded, the guests made their way to the terrace overlooking the splendid gardens at the rear of Harewood House.  They enjoyed canapes and champagne, and the fabulous weather.

Wedding photographs

Ak and Meena took a short ride down to the lake for photographs by the bridge. Shortly after they returned to change for dinner. In the meantime the guests were very ably directed back to The Pavilion by Tony Mandez, who announced the newlyweds into dinner.

Evening wedding reception

The Desi Nach Bollywood dance troupe brilliantly entertained the guests during the meal. I have to say – if you haven’t tasted Gulab Jaman with Kulfi, you haven’t lived (catering by Davinder at Euro Caterers). Unique films videod throughout and were a pleasure to work with. Delsonic DJs rocked the night Indian style after Meena and Ak’s first dance.

I’m saving the best until last – a good Master of Ceremonies is worth his weight in gold, Tony Mandez was pure gold. Discreet yet always there, slick and efficient, keeping the day on time.

Who’s last then?  But not least…….Natalie, head of the team at Harewood House, working tirelessly behind the scenes. When I say tirelessly, I bet she was tired in the end, she never stopped all day. This was one very ornate and special day. We have a wonderful collection of wedding photographs to show once the couple are back from honeymoon. In the meantime, I have added a few teasers below for your enjoyment.

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Ak’s baraat in front of Harewood House

Ak during the baraat

Tony Mandez leading the dance

Meena and Sanjiv enter the wedding ceremony

The exchange of the garlands

Meena during the trip to the lake

Meena in deep thought during the wedding ceremony

Harewood House in the bright sunshine, with wedding guests on the terrace

Gulab Jaman and Kulfi

Desi Nach dance for the guests

Ak and Meena’s first dance

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