Sledmere House wedding photography – Pam and Jim

Sledmere House and All Saints Church, Terrington – Pam and Jim’s wedding photography

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A Britsburgh flag flying in Terrington?

The Stars and Stripes over Sledmere House?

Secret meetings in the bike shed during the wedding reception?

All this and more in Pam and Jim’s recent fabulous music themed North Yorkshire wedding.

As chilled weddings go, this was about as chilled as it gets, helped along by a perfectly relaxed bride and groom.  They both got ready at home in Terrington before the wedding, before each walked to church separately for the wedding service.

Jim had brought with him his Pittsburgh Steelers’ supporters flag. He will soon be travelling to the September Wembley sell out NFL game . Hence Britsburgh, and had it flying proudly in the garden.

Pam walked to church with her two sons and their respective partners Hana and Sophie.  They both looked lovely in matching pale yellow bridesmaids dresses, which perfectly offset Pam’s stunning violet wedding outfit.  The walk to church was simply beautiful, very chilled and relaxed, an ideal way to arrive at a wedding!

There was a strong musical theme throughout the day.  Just before Nick accompanied Pam into church, guests were treated to a wonderfully moving rendition of ‘Have I told you lately’ by the very talented Kate Chruscicka on violin and David Howard on piano.

A gloriously sunshiney day gave way to a brief but heavy thunderstorm as guests travelled to Sledmere House for the afternoon wedding reception.

Wedding guests enjoyed exploring Sledmere House’s amazingly ornate interior.  We spent a short while with Jim and Pam in the library and the bedrooms for photos, before  venturing outside for some family groups photos.  Their American friends and family were welcomed to the venue with the Stars and Stripes flying aloft.

Before everyone went through to dinner, I had one sneaky little meet up arranged with Pam in the bike shed behind Sledmere House.  Pam had arranged a surprise wedding gift of a tandem for Jim, and she wanted to be sure of a photo before we left – I was happy to oblige – to see the photo, follow the Facebook link below.

The final treat of the day was the whole dining experience that is the orangery at Sledmere House.   A newly available option for wedding guests, and no doubt one that will become very popular.

The orangery looks out onto the gardens and countryside at Sledmere House.  It overlooks an outstandingly mature landscape, a picture perfect aspect and a truly unique setting for a wedding breakfast.

We have an amazing collection of photographs from the wedding.  I have added a few below, click here now to see more photos from this wedding on my Facebook Page

I can’t wait to show the rest to Pam when she comes over next week!  In  the meantime, here are a few teasers to take a look at.

Sledmere House, wedding, photography
1) Steelers fan Jim show off his Britsburgh flag before the wedding
2) Pam in her gorgeous outfit at home before the wedding
3) The lovely walk to church – Pam, Nick, Sophie, Jules and Hana
4) The signing of the register, with music by Kate Chruscicka (5) and David Howard
6) In the rooms at Sledmere House
7) Pam with her father at Sledmere House
8) Guests enjoying drinks on the terrace at Sledmere House
9) The Stars and Stripes flies over Yorkshire
10) Guests enjoying the wedding reception in the orangery at Sledmere House
11) The orangery at Sledmere House with open views onto the gardens.


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