Horti Couture Floral Designers at Newburgh Priory

Horti Couture Floral Designers

Event and wedding florists Horti Couture of Huddersfield dressed the summer section of the fabulous design quarter at the recent Newburgh Priory wedding fair, organised by The Wedding Affair. A key feature of the Horti Couture summer display was Darcy, a superb fresh flower bride incorporating thousands of chrysanthemum heads and her train, which blended seemlessly into the main table displays.

Visitors to the Horti Couture area were also treated to regular entertainment from singers and musicians The Vernon Sisters.

Christine from Horti-Couture tells it much better:-

‘The theme of our design quarter was that of the fragrant season of summer. Our team at Horti Couture designed the theme to take you on a journey and enter into the most decadent, glamorous, secret summer garden setting which oozes grandeur and opulence. Romance was key in our quarter. Therefore we used different textures and soft, serene colour palettes mixed with Chrystal and candlelight.’

Horti Couture, wedding, flowers

Can you feel the romance? Using vintage candelabras coupled with decadent chandeliers which have been dressed with trailing ivy, tulips and gypsophelia to mirror image the extravagant display of the gypsophelia tree set in the background, to help transport you into the summer secret garden. The use of clear glassware, Louis ghost chairs, crystal candelabras and chandeliers enabled the team to fuse these props together giving a clear polished look to the overall theming of the table and letting the flowers do all the talking.

Yorkshire, florists, Horti Couture

The decision to incorporate a statement piece such as the bride made completely out of fresh flowers was born from an idea Chrissie had the beginning of 2011; it was just realising the right time to do it.
The 5ft 6” bride was constructed from chicken wire and oasis, Darcy as she was fondly named by the horticouture crew was crowned with a gorgeous piece provided by HFcouture and dressed with a blush sash to coincide with the romantic palettes being used in the flowers, Darcy stood proud at the end of the 12ft long table runner of fresh flowers.

cuptail stand, florists

Here you can see a close up of the roses, hydrangeas, stocks and dill being fused together. In the background is our fantastic cuptail stand adorned with a garland of flowers where Pimms was being served out of vintage tea pots into vintage crockery. All the items seen here are hired out for any wedding.

fresh flowers, bride, Horti Couture

Darcy our fresh flower bride standing proud ready to welcome our guests into the summer season. Darcy was made up of over 4,500 single stems of chrysanthemum heads all carefully and skilfully put into place.

floral art, marquee

It’s all about hiding mechanics, here we hid the ugly scaffolding pole which connected our to gorgeous Chrystal chandeliers, and we made a piece of floral art, we lined the steel pole with contorted willow, secured it and then built on it using ivy, mosses, gypsophelia and tulips. This certainly lent itself to the theming going on below it and complemented the flooring we also had put down.

wedding flowers, florists

A Beautiful close up of how elegant these colour palettes are when used together then mixing it with the sheer elegance of crystal. The choice of flowers were cream scented stocks, sweet avalanche roses (the blush pink in colour), deep pink hydrangeas, avalanche rose (the ivory rose) pink bouvardia and dill.

Horti COuture, wedding, flowers

Ivory stocks standing regal and proud whilst providing the most wonderful scent to any country garden setting.

bridal bouquet, Horti Couture

Here’s Darcy with her own floral bridal bouquet standing regally at the head of the table, with her train acting as the start of the opulent 12 ft table runner.

Attention to detail was key, as you can see the vibrant green astro turf we laid works extremely well with the regal gold frame which holds the marvellous works of Lillyb’s table plan. Along with the neutral backdrop of the marquee lining and the table cloth. To add more elegance and splendour we created our own table overlay which we fringed using the most gorgeous fringing. This is what really sets us apart from other florists; we style your room adding extras be it a variety chairs to choose from, table overlays, props or theming.

summer flowers, weddings

Sweet avalanche roses, avalanche roses, hydrangeas stocks and dill

bird boxes, rustic

Rustic wooden bird boxes were spray painted white which complemented the exterior of the setting placed in and amongst were hanging lanterns which again helped create and finish off our secret summer garden. There was always something for our guests to look at in all areas, so much so numerous couples came round twice and mentioned things that they hadn’t noticed the first time round.

All these can be hired from horticouture

wedding, flower, display

A close up of Darcy’s bust and sash, again bringing in elements of the outside in using the design idea of fresh buxus trees and bay trees.

vintage crockery, teapots, cups, saucer

The cuptail station, certainly proved popular with our guests….a cheeky pimms madam for you to enjoy whilst in summer?
Vintage crockery, teapots, cups and saucers, cake stands and vintage table cloths all can be found in our collection of props

summer flowers, Newburgh Priory

Stocks standing proud in a sea of roses, dill and hydrangeas.

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