I want my wedding to be different

How can I make my wedding different?

Are you looking for a different wedding?  The next couple of months is generally regarded as wedding fair season in the UK. According to national statistic trends we can expect possibly 230,000 ish weddings next year and the same again the year after. Brides all over the UK will be searching websites, wedding fairs, asking friends for ideas, reading blogs, and many of them will have the same idea. They will all be looking for ways to make their wedding different from all the others. Not only different from all the other 2013 and 2014 weddings, but different from all the other weddings they’ve attended or heard about to date. That’s a heck of a lot of weddings to be different from! I’m not even sure there are that many ‘differents’ out there.

Wouldn’t it be great for brides to be able to plan a wedding these days without all the pressures of having to be ‘different’?

There are of course loads of ideas if you do want something different for your wedding – they often boil down to

  • wear something different
  • eat something different
  • drink something different
  • have guests give money to charity in lieu of receiving wedding gifts
  • you give money to charity in lieu of favors at the table
  • make something instead of buying it
  • have tea cups (very fashionable right now)

So in the spirit of things, here are some of my own favoruite ‘something different’ wedding events we have seen/witnessed/photographed

Taking a train in Eskdale – a completely different wedding

A few years ago Sue and Chris were married in Eskdale, Cumbria, at the gorgeously picturesque St Catherine’s Church.   On the day of the wedding, guests travelled into Eskdale on coaches as far as the car park at the terminus of the Eskdale Valley railway line.  They then walked the few hundred yards to St Catherine’s on the banks of the river Esk.  It was a beautifully glorious day and a fairytale wedding scene.

After the wedding when the guests returned to the terminus the coaches had left.  The guests all took their seats on the Eskdale railway for a ride back towards the wedding venue.  The whole thing was a carefully kept secret by the bride and groom, and a lovely surprise for the guests.

We were in on the surprise, and whilst Karen took a seat on the train to grab some on board shots, I drove down the valley.  I climbed onto a bridge lower down Eskdale and waited for the train to go by.   I will post a few photos from that day shortly.

Vintage wedding photographs like you never saw them before – an amazingly different wedding

Mel and Jan were married at Duncombe Park, North Yorkshire to a 1940’s theme.  Mel started the day at The Worsely Arms in Hovingham, and got ready at The White Swan in Helmsley.

Not only were the guests all dressed in 1940s gear – army, navy and air force uniforms as well as authentic civil outfits, but the venues themselves were dressed in wartime regalia.

Even better, on the morning of the wedding, Mel and the wedding guests travelled by 1920s bus into Pickering.  That day was 1940s day, the whole of Pickering was packed with 2nd World War vehicles, hundreds if not thousands of people were in 1940s uniforms and outfits.   Mel and his guests took part in air raid re-enactments, and Mel walked in the veterans parade with his uncle, a true war veteran.  The Worsley Arms served authentic wartime food for lunch – turnip soup (believe me – delicious), before the wedding in the afternoon, and cream teas afterwards.

The wartime weekend takes place every weekend in Pickering.  Mel and simply planned their wedding around it, and The Worsley Arms gave it their full support.  You want different?  That takes some beating.  Watch out for some photos, I’ll post some in a few days.

Invite guests to make their own place names – a cutely different wedding idea

wedding, place names, something different,

Invite guests to create their own place names and inject their own personalities into the day. Such a lovely idea, I saw this at a wedding a couple of years ago and haven’t seen it since.

Deborah and Martin invited their guests to make their own place names.  They sent out templates and asked for them to be returned in time for the wedding.  Each guest put their own personality into the placemats, very touching and personal.

Sparkly dance floors – new this year and my hot tip for the 2013/14 wedding season – different because they are so new

wedding, first dance, dance floor, sparkling

Hire a sparkling dance floor – tiny holes in the floor allow for speckles of light to flash through the gaps.

I reckon these will be big in the 2013/2014 wedding seasons as they become more known and popular.

Ice Cream for the guests – a vintage different wedding idea

ice cream, vintage, wedding, something different

Suitable for any wedding, but especially fits with a vintage themed wedding, why not have home made ice cream on tap for your wedding guests?

Utterly delicious and just what the doctor ordered for those roasting hot summer wedding days.  If only you could book the weather too!  Have as an alternative, or in addition to, canapés.

Keep it traditional – a different wedding by default and all the better for it!

Traditional is the new ‘different’.  If everyone else is being different then it’s just possible that the only way to be truly different is to have a straightforward, no stress, no worries, plain old traditional wedding?

Thinking completely outside the box – a ‘breaking convention’ beauty of a different wedding

One for the future – a young couple have just invited us to photograph their wedding next year, and I can’t wait.  The bride and groom plan to go out on the day of the wedding for a photo session before the wedding ceremony itself.  I love love love the idea, it’s outside the box, unconventional, and truly different for a UK based wedding.

This breaks our UK conventions and traditional way of thinking, and gives the couple much longer to enjoy time with their guests later.  A fantastic idea and we’re totally up for it.

How will your wedding be different?

Let us know how you plan to make your wedding different.  What can we do to help?

What ideas do you have for others to make their weddings different?

What have you seen at weddings that is different?








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