Wedding photography at Castle Howard – rain and light.

Charlotte in the rain at Castle Howard

Photo of the week for week 5 is – Charlotte arriving at wedding venue Castle Howard for her wedding reception with new husband Alastair and their family and friends.

I’ve selected it as POTW because it’s one of those photographs that have emerged as ‘people’s favourites’. What do I mean by that? Well, I have a parental sized version of a number of wedding albums in the studio. This means we can show potential clients examples of our work when they come in, especially if (as in this case) they are getting married at Castle Howard.

Over the years as I’ve shown different albums to potential clients, I’ve often found that certain photographs stand out above others. Obviously some brides prefer reportage, some documentary, some properly posed, some natural, and so on. But if everyone stops to admire the same shot over and over, that’s when you know you’ve got something a bit special.

So that’s what is happening with this amazing photograph of Charlotte, everyone seems to love it, and I’m not surprised at all.

It was taken as Charlotte and Alastair arrived at Castle Howard, after their wedding at St Andrew’s Church in Bishopthorpe, York. The weather forecast was for passing heavy showers, and that’s exactly what we got. Fortunately we managed to dodge the rain for much of the day, but we had downpours just as Charlotte arrive at church, and then afterwards as she and Alastair headed for the car.

We visited Charlotte’s parents’ house for a few brief photos, then went over to Bishop’s Palace for a few more> The beauty of heavy rain on a wedding day is that once the sky clear, and out comes the sun, you can get some very strongly lit photographs.

As we drove towards Castle Howard, I noticed a very heavy, dark blue cloud off to the North, with the oblique beautifully lit in front of it. I couldn’t resist stopping and taking a photograph.

In just the same way, when Charlotte arrived at the venue, she was beautifully lit by the warm sun, with a heavy blue cloud behind.

We got Alastair to flick the dress, and ‘pow’ !

I have been asked – was it that windy? Nope – it was a deliberate veil flick, to light up the dress and veil for effect against the sky.

So, what a fab photo, thanks again to Charlotte and Alastair for an amazing day at Castle Howard.

Charlotte arriving at Castle Howard

Below – the view we had of the obelisk as we approached Castle Howard on the day.

Obelisk at Castle Howard

Below – thanks to Charlotte and Alastair for sending us this lovely thank you card. Receiving this through the post really made my day!

Thank you cardthank you, card


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