The Alderson family portrait session

The Aldersons recently dropped into the studio for their family portrait session. They also brought along their beautiful labrador Rolo.
You might think that these photos are of a grandmother with her children and grandchildren, if you didn’t know the family.
However, they are in fact of a great grandmother with her two grandchildren (plus one spouse) and her two great grandchildren.
I do keep saying this, but isn’t it wonderful that we live in an age where great grandchildren and great grandparents get to meet each other and know each other?
I get tremendous satisfaction from being able to photograph multi generations together and securing fabulous long term memories in print.
Please enjoy these photos, they are such a lovely family.

mum, dad, daughter photo
Alex, Lucy and Amber
mum. son photo
Lois and Reggie
family group portrait
Alex, Amber, Lois, Reggie and Pamela

family portrait
Alex, Lucy, Amber, Lois, Reggie, Pamela
family portrait with dog
As above, plus Rolo


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