Allerton Castle Graphistudio wedding album

Allerton Castle Graphistudio wedding album

We recently photographed a fabulous wedding at Allerton Castle in North Yorkshire. I thought it would be nice to show the wedding album in detail.

Grace and Tosh came to see me last year. I photographed Grace’s sister’s wedding a few years ago. Grace was a bridesmaid then, so we were now essentially ‘recommended’ photographers.

My reason for showing the album is twofold. First of all, it’s a great album and we’re very proud of it. Secondly, we’re being asked regularly to compare prices with photographers who are supplying wedding albums that
simply do not stand up to the quality of Graphistudio albums. We also work with Jorgensen and Queensberry albums from time to time. All are high quality album manufacturers. Unfortunately couples often compare our prices with those of photographers offering ‘lesser’ products. At the end of the day you get what you pay for – buyer beware and all that – but anyhow, here’s what you pay for with a high quality leather bound Graphistudio wedding album.

Graphistudio wedding albums

We’ve been working with Graphistudio albums for around twelve years now. They have a wide choice of cover options, wedding album sizes, and a choice of thick (rigid) pages, or thinner (ie book like) pages. They also have different paper types with the option to laminate for extra protection. Turn around times are very quick. The print quality is excellent. The albums are guaranteed by Graphistudio in case of any problems. Not that I have ever had a client return an album, but it’s nice to know just for my own peace of mind and that of my brides.

Our own sample albums have taken plenty of stick in wedding fairs, so I know from personal experience that they are very durable. Over all they are a great company and product to work with.

I do put a lot of thought into my wedding album designs. Each and every wedding album I design has all the time it needs and deserves to be the best it can be – typically up to two days for larger designs. The actual creation of the design within Fundy is very quick and efficient. Like decorating – everything is in the preparation.

About this particular wedding album

I photographed Grace’s sister’s wedding a few years ago, and Grace was the bridesmaid at that wedding. Allerton Castle is a grand old Gothic style wedding venue set in gorgeous grounds and with plenty of options for wedding photography. It is very dark inside, with oak panelled walls all round. At the bottom of a grand staircase, there are two large chandeliers. Other than that the ambient light is very low. Group shots are a challenge in bad weather and ideally need to be handled with flash and a tripod to be done properly. Others may disagree, but check out my results.

The wedding itself was in a very quaint quintessential English country church. It rained at intervals during the day, in particular just as we were about to photograph the family group shots at Allerton Castle. We therefore photographed inside before dinner. After the wedding breakfast, we went out with Grace and Tosh, and spent approx 20 mins with them to grab some amazing outdoor photographs.

The wedding album has approx 165 photos. It has been designed into a 30 cm x 40 cm Graphistudio wedding album with a Chrystal Glance photo cover, and has laminated photographic pages. There are different options on the page paper types. The photographic paper ensures strong punchy colours throughout the album. The lamination adds protection to the photographic paper and a gloss effect.

The spine of the album is real leather. This particular album was presented in a black briefcase. This gives a really classic feel to the album, and again offers protection for posterity.

There is a set of 4 mini albums with this album, each beautifully book bound and stitched and with hard backed covers. They are perfect duplicates in miniature of the main wedding album.

I hope that the following photographs help to demonstrate both the quality of the final album, and just a smidgeon of the design options available with Fundy.

Just on that final point. We have different design styles in studio, some more complex and some more simple. All couples are asked their preference when making their final album selection choices after their wedding. This helps me to optimise the design for each couple. This in turn ensures that their wedding album is exactly what they were looking for.

After the wedding each couple gives me their choice of wedding photographs for the album. On the odd occasion we are asked to select on behalf of the couple, we can do that for you if you prefer.

Graphistudio presentation case

Graphistudio presentation case

Graphistudio case interior

Graphistudio case interior

Graphistudio wedding album

Graphistudio wedding album – a thin film protects the album cover in transit and is still in place in this image.  Brides usually remove the cover protection once the album is in their hands.

Graphistudio wedding album

Alternative view of the brand new wedding album.

Graphistudio wedding album binding close up.

The pages are stitched then bound with real leather. This is standard with all Graphistudio wedding albums ordered through ourselves.

Wedding album inside first page

Grace’s wedding album is designed to have maximum impact when opened. Grace’s dress, shoes, veil, engagement ring and tiara all sit together beautifully.

Tonally the images work together to create a stunning opening to the wedding album.

Graphistudio wedding album

Photographs are combined to create interest and tonal balance throughout the wedding album in ways you may not imagine.
Making good use of strong colours, both on the day of the wedding, and within the album itself, is crucial for great album designs.

Graphistudio wedding album

Photographs taken during the wedding ceremony are combined, this time in black and white, to create a storyline which runs smoothly through the wedding album.

The choice of black and whites, or colour, is entirely down to the bride and groom, but Grace loved these photos from the ceremony in black and white.

Notice the two different vantage points in the album, a major advantage to using two photographers throughout the wedding day.

Wedding album design

Here, the surround of the image on the right drops to black, such that the impact of the tones coming out of the page is very strong.

The ease of use of the album deisgn software allows me to consider lots of different design options quickly and efficiently, to ensure I get the best combination of design with any given set of images.

This in turn helps me produce bespoke wedding albums for all our clients.  Every album is uniquely built to allow all the images within to work to full strength, and each is hand designed by me.

Couples always get final approval before their wedding album design goes into production.

Wedding albums by Graphistudio

High quality photography is the root of all good wedding albums.  In dark environments that means excellent control of lighting.

Wedding album at Allerton Castle

In the evening we went out to really show off Grace’s dress.

Allerton Castle wedding photo

One amazing bride plus one amazing venue.

Wedding album

….and there’s more……

Wedding album at Allerton Castle

I like to finish a wedding album with impact – here is the final page of Grace and Tosh’s design – a strong landscape shot of the venue itself produced in vintage style.

A set of 4 mini albums by Graphistudio

A set of 4 exact duplicate mini albums by Graphistudio, hard backed, stitched and bound.

Graphistudio mini albums.

Close up of the mini albums’ stitching and binding.

We have a wide selection of albums and designs for you to view at our studio. Call 07896 330436 or 01904 479063 to book an appointment.


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