Advice for brides and grooms when planning a wedding

Wedding advice for brides and grooms

It’s that time of year when lots of new brides and grooms are starting to search out their suppliers, essentially the team they will assemble to make their wedding day special to them.

I get to chat to plenty of wedding couples, and they generally have the same sort of concerns and worries about their big day as most other couples:-

What if it rains?

Issues of diplomacy within the family Balancing their budget

Logistics – a big one, some weddings are not always thought through in detail, and I can often help here with suggested timings and solutions, almost in a wedding co-ordinator role, maybe I was one in an earlier life?

Not sure which florist of 300 they’ve seen online to choose

Peter says this, Paul says that, who to believe?

Time management – leaving too much stuff to the last minute, then feeling overwhelmed Concentrating on stuff that others may not even notice on the day

Overthinking the small stuff and under thinking the big stuff

Disregarding perfectly good advice from professional suppliers, who’ve been to more weddings than you could chuck a stick at, and seen most situations present themselves one way or another – hard earned experience is always worth considering.

How best to balance your budget with quality – I’ve seen all sorts, from wedding dresses ruined before the ceremony from an oil leak on a wedding car, to cheap flowers wilting too early on a hot day, to unreliable suppliers not turning up, to friends doing hair and make up without proper skills, all to save a few pounds here and there.

The problem is, some corners are just not worth cutting on your wedding day, so please be careful when considering where to spend your hard earned bucks.

After the wedding

As a wedding photographer, I’m one of the few suppliers who’s journey with the bride continues after the wedding, not only to remember and share with them precious and fabulous moments from their wedding day, but also as ongoing clients as they start their new families – that is, we photograph their babies and children as they grow.

I get to talk with them, and for a few years now, I’ve been collecting snippets of advice to pass on to new brides and grooms coming along.

It generally boils down to the same collective advice – I wish I could gather all my old brides and get them to collectively advise my new brides,

I’m sure it would make a remarkable difference to the weddings I photograph, and a very interesting video to watch!

The advice would go something like this:-

Listen to the professionals and trust them to look after your every need on the day

Don’t worry about the weather

Don’t drink too much

Don’t worry too much about your guests, just enjoy yourself

Plan carefully and in advance

Enjoy the day, and spend time with your newly acquired other half

Make sure you get the timings right etc

In conclusion

So I suppose what couples tend to advise after the event is ‘think about the bigger picture, rather than the intricate detail’.

What they tend to worry about before the event is all the intricate details.

Which is fair enough I suppose, but it never ceases to amaze me how the experience of the wedding day itself often results in a change of perspective from newlywed couples.

I do give great weight to advice from those who have just been married, I think those planning weddings can learn from their immediate past experiences.

Here is a great article which illustrates my point quite well, please enjoy.

Top 25 wedding planning tips from newlyweds



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