Wedding photography at All Hallows, Sutton On The Forest, Sutton Park, and private marquee

24 hours before Victoria and Nick were married, I was driving ouround the North side of York ring road through the heaviest thunder storm I’ve ever seen in the area, with traffic slowing to a crawl and cars pulling off the road. A look at the weather forecast told me we were to expect heavy showers the next dayuntil around 4pm, after which things would clear into the evening.

We Brits don’t go much for accurate weather forecasts, but this was spot on. We saw two heavy downpours on the day of the wedding, one whilst the bride, Victoria, was getting ready at her parents’ farm with her bridesmaids and family, and one whilst we were all in church during the wedding ceremony.

As luck would have it, the second storm passed and the sun shone through the clouds right on schedule, during the signing of the register in fact, and after around 3.50 pm we didn’t see another drop of rain all day.

After a few family groups at church, we drove over to Sutton Park with Nick, Victoria and their bridesmaids and groomsmen, to spend some time in the resplendent gardens of Sutton Park, before returning to High Inhams Farm for an early evening drinks and canapes reception.

The finer details of the wedding were overseen by coordinator Lisa Sabin.

Just before their first dance Victoria and Nick released balloons into the by-then clear blue sky bearing goodwill messages written by their guests at the begining of their meal. It was then onto a double first dance for Victoria, first with dad and then with Nick, following which the rest of the wedding guests joined them on the dance floor to party into the night.

wedding marquee on farmPin it
Early afternoon at High Inhams Farm

bride getting readyPin it
Getting ready at High Inhams Farm

groom in church before weddingPin it
Nick and his groomsmen before the wedding ceremony

bride at Sutton ParkPin it
Victoria at Sutton Park

bride and groom at Sutton ParkPin it
Victoria and Nick in the fabulous gardens at Sutton Park

bridal party at Sutton ParkPin it
The bridal party at Sutton Park

wedding drinks receptionPin it
Drinks and canapes back at the farm

marquee drinks receptionPin it
Guests enjoying the afternoon reception

goodwill messages released in balloons over North YorkshirePin it
Victoria and Nick release their message balloons into the clear sky

First dance with father of the bridePin it
First dance with dad

first dance with bride and groomPin it
Victoria and Nick during their first dance

marquee first dancePin it
Everyone hits the dance floor

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