Emma’s Diary Baby of the Month York – George Brown

Emma’s Diary Baby of the Month competition – George Brown


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Hi everyone,

Young George recently came to my photo studio for some pics, and we took some gorgeous images of him. I have put mum’s favourites on Facebook for you to see.

I am now helping George to win a £100 Mothercare voucher and £2000 cash prize in the Emma’s Diary Baby of the Month competition, and we need your votes and those of your friends. There are prizes for each of five winning babies each month, and the monthly winning photographs are then entered into the big annual Emma’s Diary competition, where the monthly winners have a chance to win the £2000 prize.

From January 2015 onwards, the monthly prizes are £100 worth of Mothercare Vouchers for each of five babies/mums, so well worth winning!

Please help George by visiting the Emma’s Diary Facebook Page at the following link, and voting for him online. To vote, please ‘like’ the photo which I have included below (ie please ‘like’ the Facebook version of the below photo). This is the photo that mum has selected for the competition entry.

When you arrive at the link below,


please do the following –

1) Click the ‘Like’ button ON THE PHOTOGRAPH to vote.

2) Feel free to add an awesome comment as well, it can’t do any harm 😉

3) ‘Share’ the post with friends and family to help get George more votes!

Thank you!!

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